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We publish, a web magazine bringing the worlds of dance together. We are one of the few dance magazines that covers both performance dance and social dance: everything from classical Ballet to experimental Modern dance, weekly Salsa at a restaurant to Ballroom dance at a gala. publishes reviews of dance performances, articles about places to social dance, and other article types such as interviews and fashion editorials. Our fashion articles have included formal shoots, such as those with members of the New York City Ballet, informal shoots for a clothing retailer, reports of fashion events such as the recent Dior event for Christopher Wheeldon, and humorous placements such as PinkTop on the London Underground. We like to have a good time (and have thousands of photos on the site showing that dance makes people happy), but we also use dance to raise serious questions that deserve discussion. Whether it is writers, photographers, illustrators or programmers, has some of the best people in the business. Our writers have written for major publications, both newspapers and magazines. We have also recruited new, younger talent. Robert Abrams, publisher and editor of, has over ten years of dance training with champion Ballroom and Swing dancers. He was recently appointed President of the Dance Critics Association. The site receives over 1 million page views per month and is poised to grow. Please contact us for advertising opportunities, or to be considered as a writer or photographer for the site. If you are a dance company or instructor, we can also build a site for you and then use to help people find your new site.

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