Selected Papers

Teaching Concept Mapping as Assessment to Teacher Candidates Some Successes and a Proposal Next Steps.
2006. Robert Abrams, Roberta Whitehorne, Arnold Rosen, Carl Bish, Jennifer Leibowitz & John Kuntz. Presented at the 2nd International Concept Mapping Conference.

Professional Isolation and Connection Among High School Science Teachers in Upstate New York.
1997. Robert Abrams. Ph.D. Dissertation, Cornell University.

An Exploration of Environmental Justice Through The Theatre of The Environment: A Curriculum Design and Evaluation Study.
1995. Robert Abrams. Masters Thesis, Cornell University.

Concept Maps as Assessment in Science Inquiry Learning - A Report of Methodology.
2000. Trish Stoddart, Robert Abrams, Erika Gasper & Dana Canaday. International Journal of Science Education, Volume 22, Number 12, December 2000, p. 1221-1246.

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